Customization Service Privacy Notice

Last updated: June 3, 2021

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., along with our affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “Samsung”), respects your concerns about privacy. We created this Customization Service U.S. Privacy Notice (this “Privacy Notice”) to describe how we collect and use your personal information in connection with the Customization Service. This Privacy Notice does not apply to information collected by other apps, websites, or services provided by Samsung.

This Privacy Notice supplements the Samsung Privacy Policy for the U.S. (available at (“Samsung US Privacy Policy”), and provides additional information about how we may collect, use and share your personal information in connection with the Customization Service. In the event any portion of this Privacy Notice conflicts with the Samsung US Privacy Policy, the relevant provisions of this Privacy Notice will govern.


The Customization Service is a feature available on certain Samsung devices, apps, and services (each a “Service” and collectively, the “Services”) when logged into your Samsung account. Once turned on, the Customization Service provides an enhanced experience, including customized content and recommendations coordinated seamlessly across Services, based on the information obtained about you and your use of the Services. Examples include:
• improving your experience with the Services by offering recommendations and information customized for you when you use Samsung’s voice recognition service;
• remembering music you listen to on rainy days and recommending it later; and
• reacting to your commands; for example, if you give the command, “Remind me to buy a bottle of water when I’m almost home,” the Customization Service can remember the command and remind you to purchase a bottle of water when you are almost home.


The more the Customization Service understands and learns about you, the faster and more accurately it can provide you with customized content and information. The Customization Service is designed to help understand your interests, preferences, and location, and collects and analyzes information about you in various ways. The types of personal information we may collect through your use of the Customization Service include those listed in the Samsung US Privacy Policy and the following:

Device Information. Such as your device’s unique identification information (such as its serial number, IMEI from mobile phones, or Personalized Service ID from Smart TVs), settings information (such as your language and lock settings), status information (such as connections with other devices), advertising identifiers (such as Tizen ID For Advertising from Smart TVs, and Google Advertising ID from mobile phones and tablets) and other information about your devices.

Log information. Diagnostic, technical, error, and usage information, including the applications installed or currently running on your device. In addition, we collect information about your engagement (how, when and for how long you use the products, services and devices linked to your Samsung account). We also collect your usage of the Services and third-party apps and any services on the devices (such as a listing of apps on your devices, music played on your devices, the websites you visit, and the searches you conduct).

Information about Your Music and Photos. Information such as titles, genres, and artists on previously played or saved music and information about your photos, such as the times and locations at which your saved photos were taken.

Contacts and Communications Data. On mobile phones and tablets as applicable, the Customization Service may access your contact list and collect and analyze your incoming/outgoing call and text message history, to provide you with certain services, such as to determine your relationships with others (e.g., your family and friends), who your most important contacts are, who contacts you most frequently and your preferred contact method, to display information about your important contacts (e.g., missed calls), and to find contacts you refer to while using Bixby Voice. This information about your call and text message history remains on your mobile device and is not collected by us.

Content information. Content viewed or listened to on your device (including the networks, channels, websites visited and programs), as well as content purchased, downloaded, or streamed through Samsung applications on your device and applications you have accessed through your device.

Calendar Information. Your calendar data to learn your preferences, record special occasions and identify your location.

Internet Browsing History. Your Internet browsing history (such as visited websites, search keywords and bookmarks) to learn your interests and preferences, to display more relevant search results and provide the most appropriate information in different contexts, and to provide you with other services, as described in this Privacy Notice. Your search history from Internet browsing done in Secret mode (Private mode) will not be collected.

Location Information. Your device’s precise geolocation and other information related to your location on a regular basis through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, calendar entries, and other Services. In order for the Customization Service to collect geolocation information, Location settings must be enabled on your device. Therefore, in some cases, the Customization Service will request that you turn on Location settings.

Samsung account, My Profile, and Samsung Services Data. Information stored in or associated with your Samsung account (such as your Samsung account ID, contact information, name, date of birth, and gender) and information registered in your My Profile. The Customization Service also may collect and analyze information related to your use of the Services, such as your usage history of Samsung apps, your voice commands given via Bixby Voice, notifications set in Reminder, and weather data provided to you.

Information Related to Third-Party Apps and Services. By letting Customization Service connect to third-party apps or services, you allow Customization Service to gather data about your usage of these third-party apps and services and to provide you with customized features.

Through the Customization Service, we may collect personal information about your online activities on Customization Service-enabled devices over time. We may also collect information made available through third-party platforms and apps (such as online social media platforms), through online databases or directories, and that is otherwise legitimately obtained. This information will be governed by the privacy notices provided by the third parties at the time of collection. Examples of information we receive may include your purchase and/or usage status (e.g., active/inactive) of third party services and how you use third-party services.

Changing Your Preferences
The Customization Service provides you with choices regarding whether to allow the use and analysis of certain types of personal information, such as your call and text message history, geolocation data, or internet browsing history. You can access these options and change your preferences as described in the “How to Change Customization Service Settings” section below.


We may use the information we obtain through the Customization Service as described in the Samsung US Privacy Policy and to combine and analyze such information and provide the analyzed data to the Services and third-party apps you authorized for the following purposes:

• To provide you with customized content and information;
• To link the Customization Service to connected third-party devices, apps, features, or services;
• To analyze methods of providing you with better Services;
• To improve and develop the Services and the Customization Service;
• To display customized advertisements about products and services that may be of interest to you;
• With your separate consent, to communicate with you via email and push notification about products and services offered by Samsung and third parties that are tailored to your interests;
• To provide software updates, maintenance services, and support for the Customization Service, including responding to your requests, inquiries, and instructions made through or about the Customization Service;
• To comply with the law and legal processes; and
• To protect the rights, property, or safety of Samsung, or any of our affiliates, business partners, or customers.

If you delete collected information, the accuracy and/or quality of the customized content delivered to you by the Customization Service may decrease. Moreover, some customization features may require information that you have deleted or to which you have denied the Customization Service access, and it may only be possible to resume receiving those features by allowing the Customization Service to collect and use the relevant information again.

Customized Advertising and Direct Marketing
Through the Customization Service, we may collect, analyze and share information about your use of the Services and online activities, over time and across third-party websites and apps, as well as across devices, to provide you with advertising and direct marketing communications (collectively, “Ads”) about products and services offered by Samsung and third parties that are tailored to your interests. We will obtain your consent for the processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

You may change your preference regarding the Customization Service’s use of your information for customized Ads at any time by following the instructions described in the “How to Change Customization Service Settings” section below.

Please note that disabling this option is specific only to the Customization Service and may not stop all of the ads (including customized ads) provided by Samsung. You may continue to receive ads from Samsung if you have consented to receiving them from any individual Samsung product, app or service, including other Services. Please visit the Settings menu in the applicable product, app or service for more information on how to opt out of such ads from those other product, apps or services.


You may, at any time, turn off the Customization Service via the Customization Service option in the Settings menu of your Samsung account within any device logged into your Samsung account, in which case Samsung will suspend the provision of customized content and information, as well as the Customization Service’s collection, combination and analysis of your information. In addition, if you change the settings described in the Customized Advertising and Direct Marketing section above, the Customization Service will no longer collect and analyze information, including for advertisement purposes.

If you do not wish to turn off the entire Customization Service, you can choose certain features that are in keeping with your privacy preferences. However, any subsequent decisions will not affect the information already collected, combined and analyzed by the Customization Service, and disabling the Customization Service will not cause information previously collected, combined and analyzed by the Customization Service to be deleted. If you disable the Customization Service, you can still use the default features provided by each of the applicable products, apps or services.

You can turn off the Customization Service or change the Customization Service’s settings at any time by performing the steps listed below. These specific settings may change with updates or new device models supporting the Customization Service.
Smartphones/Tablets: Settings > Accounts and backup > Manage Accounts > Samsung account > My Profile > Privacy > Customization Service
Wearable devices: Settings > Privacy > Customization Service
Visual display devices including Smart TV: Settings > Samsung Account > My Account > Personalization Settings > Customization Service

Please note that your customized experience may change as a result of turning off the Customization Service.


As stated above, this Privacy Notice supplements the Samsung Privacy Policy (available at, which describes our information sharing practices.


Californian consumers can find out more about their privacy rights in the “California Consumer Privacy Statement” section of the Samsung US Privacy Policy, available at


We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our personal information practices with respect to the Customization Service. We will indicate at the top of this Privacy Notice when it was most recently updated.